Fools Rush In

“Fools rush in!” they say.
But are we not fools
to a world that thinks it can hit pause,
repose, depose, and reset at will?
This is foolish too,
the worldly spiel
that my life is an autonomous wheel
is as misguided as the American dream.

Death does not discriminate,
Disease does not procrastinate.
Creation groans for a cosmic turn,
The Christian hopes for a better world!
Christ was born, Christ has died,
Christ is risen, Christ will come again.
This is the Gospel, the reversal of the Fall,
Jesus Christ will be all in all.

But only a fool will exchange
this glorious truth for worldly gain,
the trinitarian love
for endless pain.
One day, the final bell will ring,
The whole world will acknowledge Christ is King.
The preaching of the cross is foolish indeed,
And so the fool I am must rush in!



Nathanael Somanathan

I spend my time reading up on hot topics in theology and culture. I enjoy a cold drink and a good book.